I'm a lazy nerd who tends to make machines do most of the work for my own self and others since the time I learnt the means to do so. It's my passion to work with computers and other programmable gadgets and convince them to work for me with all the reputation that I have with machines. I usually see no constraints with the technology or language that I use to talk to machines with, though I prefer not to work with Microsoft Technologies.

I'm a Linux enthusiast who now also loves Mac. My hobbies include personalizing my digital assets, writing applications for my devices, sometimes writing software to replace another software within my workflow. You can talk to me about computers, programming, video-games but not sports or Bollywood.

Since the time Microsoft brought doom upon Windows Mobile platform, I'm known as an Android developer. I do understand that one needs money to fulfil various needs in this material world but that is not the reason I write software for, it's my passion for computers that makes me do it. You can find my creations there on GitHub and Google Play Store.

Check out my resume here: Kamran's Resume