I used to like mathematics until I learnt how to make computers do what I want since then I've been too lazy to do stuff on my own and more interested in getting stuff done with computers. This being the reason why I code, I don't really keep any constraints to what language or technology I work with, although there are a few technologies in my blacklist and they are there for a reason...

I have always been interested in personalising my stuff, may it be my digital diary, phone, computer or anything else... being a developer that takes me to a level that I keep replacing the applications that I use often with ones of my own. I never really had any interests in balls or bats, so gadgets are the only things you'll find in my collection of personal stuff.

For now, I am known as an Android Developer, mainly because I had to switch from the legendary Windows Mobile to Android because the makers wanted to ruin it. People think I code for money, but I can't really go to everyone and show them my GitHub, Google Play Store Listing and other stuff to convince them that it's my passion and profession too.

Check out my resume here: Kamran's Resume